As a permanent makeup artist since 2017 Ive came across many clients in my chair with a mutual concern about their tattoo investment. They all needed to know "how can I make these brows and lips last longer. That is why I created Veil- to be just that solution. The sun has ultraviolet rays that not only is harmful to our skin but can cause dramatic fading of implanted pigment, and can change the tone of the color over time.

This 50 spf product contains vitamin E and Zinc Oxide to help nourish the skin while protecting from UVB and UVA rays. Using this product daily will prevent you from needing a touchup or color boost as often. The versatility use of this product was a non negotiable for me. That is why this quick absorbing formulation lays effortlessly under moisturizers, lipsticks, and powders. This broad spectrum sunscreen is all natural, vegan, reef safe, and water resistantThe clean, chic packaging is something that fits right into any makeup counter aesthetic, and the purse size makes it easy to carry on the go. This product is a staple for me daily, and I know you will love it too! I have poured my heart into making this, so please give it a try and tell me what you think!

- Victoria Burch

(Permanent Makeup Artist Entrepreneur)